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IT and customer service agents can depend on anytime, anywhere Clickatell SMS Service Alerts to instantly notify and update IT support professionals with customer support status for technical problems, provide real-time service delivery schedule information and coordination and instill greater productivity throughout your organization.

To set up the Clickatell integration, first make sure you have a Clickatell account. You can sign up for one here.

  • Once you have a Clickatell account, you will need to set up the account, add an HTTP connection, and obtain an API ID. You can find more information on this here.
  • Now, log into Zendesk as an Administrator and navigate to Manage->Extensions->Target->Add Target
  • Locate the Clickatell target and click on it.
  • Enter the following details on the following screen
    • Title: A name to give to the Target for referencing in Zendesk trigger set up.
    • Username: Your Clickatell account username.
    • Password>: The password for you Clickatell account.
    • API ID: API ID of the Clickatell HTTP connection.
    • To: The number you would like to send the message to. You can enter multiple numbers here separated by commas. Note: Be sure your number is in an international format, eg 44833234567
    • US Small Business Account: Select this option if you have a US Small Business account with Clickatell.
    • Sender ID: You can add one of your registered Sender IDs in Clickatell acount as the number that the SMS message appears to come from Note: This is required for US Small Business accounts.

To complete the Target setup, select Create Target from the droplist and click Submit to save the settings. Now you are ready to use the target in a Zendesk trigger. You can configure your triggers to send SMS based off certain events in Zendesk. There are many possible combinations, but you could do things like send an SMS out to your agents if there is a High priority ticket from a particular customer, or if you tag a ticket a certain way. The workflow is completely up to you!

App Details

  • Author: Clickatell
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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