CloudSET Processes

CloudSET Processes

Create templated Activities with Tasks and Sub-ticket Tasks

CloudSET Processes provides versatile ways to implement controlled Activity Tasks List's, as either, or mixtures of, Tasks on the parent ticket, and Delegated Tasks (linked sub-tickets that require action by another agent). All Tasks require completion before the parent ticket can be solved.

Delegated Tasks, can included actions to copy field data, set field data, and assign to a group.

Template's of re-usable Activity tasks list can be configured using a comprehensive business level configuration tool. Rich text guidance notes, including images, can be authored and displayed to Agents to provide more detailed Activity descriptions.

Flexible ways to invoke Activity Tasks Lists, including on ticket creation, or on the app itself. The selected process template, if configured to do so, can be tailored by an Agent at the start, and during the lifecycle of the ticket, including the ability to link to existing tickets.

Zendesk Views can be constructed to filter on Activities, and Delegated Tasks, to help manage a portfolio of tickets under process control.

The benefits of the new CloudSET Processes include:

  • Highly versatile scope & functionality to provide context and information on what is required by the agent, and pathway to progress a defined processes
  • Makes the business logic more visible than discrete triggers and macros
  • Background processing (web service invocation)
  • Ease of configuration management Integration with other CloudSET Apps (CloudSET Conditionality & CloudSET Processes)
  • Product roadmap to increase the functionality & integration

Note: This capability is not part of the previous generation CloudSET Premier Apps Pack. Commercial upgrades and migration paths will be offered to existing CloudSET Premier App Pack customers wishing to move to take advantages of richer and consolidated functionality offered by CloudSET Processes Pro.

Note: The CloudSET Processes App is available on a FREE 30 trial to support evaluation, and FREE forever on all Zendesk Sandbox accounts. However, a ‘Purchase’, and a valid credit card, is still required in both cases, from the Zendesk App Marketplace. CloudSET automatically applies a 100% discount token. Uninstalling the app will automatically stop a credit card charge.

The New CloudSET Framework account is created for all new customers, providing a hub for all CloudSET purchased Apps, enabling access to Help Center integration services, and billing management.

Note: The New CloudSET Framework, and in particular, the configuration tools require API access to your Zendesk, via Zendesk’s secure OAuth mechanism, which is revocable at any time from the Zendesk admin account, used to install the app, user security setting.

The following guidelines are provided to help you proceed with the purchase and implementing this App:

Note: Installation on a Zendesk sandbox is very similar, although billing details will not be collected as the App is free of charge forever.

  • After completing the Zendesk App Marketplace purchase, we recommend that you accept the native app configuration settings defaults. Use the Inline Manual provided with the CloudSET Framework to learn more about the settings available.
  • Select the CloudSET Processes 'P' icon to give access to our embed CloudSET Framework, which will start Zendesk secure OAuth authentication, based on the currently logged in admin user.
  • This authentication can be revoked at any time by that admin user using user account security settings. API access is needed to enable the configuration tool to read and write app configuration data to the Processes/Processes Pro App installed on Zendesk.
  • Once completed, a billing details screen will be presented to capture invoicing address details. Invoice history and records can be after that accessed and downloaded.
  • Navigate the CloudSET Framework navigation to the Conditionality configuration to start to define global level enhancement’s to Zendesk.
  • Integration with the Zendesk Help Center, accomplished by navigating to the CloudSET Framework Help Center section, where install instructions show how to deploy a generated code snippet on the Zendesk Guide/Help Center. Where SSL mapped domains(s) and branding are in place, functions are provided to map these into CloudSET.
  • If Zendesk security Restricted IP has been set-up, details of can be obtained from the CloudSET Framework Zendesk(s) tab, together with Forget Token method to support changing admin user account.

Note: If other CloudSET App are subsequently purchased, neither the OAuth Authentication, billing address details, nor Help Center integration steps are required as these a centrally managed with the one CloudSET Account which is automatically created on the first app purchase and install.

Note: It's possible to upgrade and downgrade between CloudSET Processes and Processes Pro. It's safe to uninstall the app; installing the replacement will automatically pick-up the configuration of the previous app, including preserving a copy of the Pro level configurations, in case you wish to return to using the Pro level.

App Details

  • Author: Coherence Design Ltd
  • Price: Free 30-day trial, then $6.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0.5
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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