CloudSET Framework Extension Registration and Installer


Coherence Design's CloudSET for Zendesk provides an extensive set of commercial extension capabilities for Zendesk, made possible by the Zendesk Apps Architecture and API.

Note: This registration App will install the CloudSET Framework App onto your Zendesk, enabling an API integration with CloudSET services, a gateway to CloudSET Apps & Modules, use of CloudSET configuration tools, and obtaining ongoing updates.

Note: The CloudSET Framework is currently only able to be installed on either a Zendesk Professional or Enterprise Plan type.

The aim is to make it easy to access, provision, and update heritage CloudSET extension capabilities within Zendesk. Utilising and enhancing the platform capabilities of Zendesk to build enterprise class solutions for an order of magnitude lower cost. Indeed, customizations that have nearly all the properties and benefits of a native configuration.

Note: Once the CloudSET Framework has been registered, a purchase tab provides access to CloudSET's own In-app Purchase Module, enabling you to select and purchase the CloudSET capabilities you require.

To reduce complexity, CloudSET Apps are packaged into packs, consisting of several Apps that represent tiered levels of functionality and value. The Premier Pack includes more advanced workflow and sub-tasks support.

Note: The CloudSET Basic & Advanced App Packs have now been withdrawn for sale to new customers, although existing customer will continue to be supported. The functionality of these Apps has been replaced and extended by CloudSET Conditionality and CloudSET Tailoring

These are the steps to complete Registration and automatic installation of the CloudSET Framework and creation of a CloudSET Account:

  1. Install this App. Then locate, and click-on the CloudSET ‘I’ icon on the side-bar (this will change to a ‘F’ icon after successful installation).
  2. Read and accept the CloudSET Standard Terms and Conditions
  3. Provide user account details for API access and billing data
  4. Select SSL mode & mapped domain details, and your Zendesk API access credentials

Note: After registration you will be able to securely purchase and access a range of CloudSET Apps and web services for Zendesk.

  1. Detailed documentation for each capability can be accessed via Docs links, located next to each capability, within the CloudSET Framework.
  2. Select the CloudSET Purchase Tab to buy Apps, as part of a Apps Pack.
  3. If you wish, you can also purchase some consulting support time to help you get the most out of extension capabilities.
  4. Having purchased CloudSET capabilities, you can then deploy CloudSET Private Apps directly from CloudSET into Zendesk - as opposed to using Zendesk Marketplace selection & set-up methods for Public Apps.
  5. The CloudSET Framework Apps Tab is segmented into three horizontal sections: Older Versions, Current Versions, & Not Deployed. As a Private App, implementation is a two step process - Deploy & Install.
  6. From the Not Deployed section, select the deploy link on any of the Apps you have purchased. The App will then move section to the Current Versions.
  7. Select install link to access it's Configuration Tool to support set-up and ongoing changes. The App version numbers and publication dates are shown in the vertical columns.

Note: For a more detailed overview of the process to deploy, install, and update CloudSET Apps - see Administrating CloudSET Capabilities.

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