Conditional Fields

Conditional Fields

Build rules on your ticket fields for agent and end-user!


The Conditional Fields app is only available to customers on the Enterprise plan and to customers who have purchased the Productivity Pack Add-on.

The app lets you hide and show fields in your tickets to give agents and end-users a better user experience.

For example, if your ticket has a custom field that asks users to select an operating system, you can have two additional, hidden conditional fields -- one listing the latest Mac OS X versions and the other listing the latest Windows versions.

If the user selects Windows as their OS, the field listing the Windows versions is shown. The field listing the OS X versions remains hidden.

Important things to note:

The Conditional Fields app will remove any rules created the next time the app is loaded if it cannot locate the value the rule is based on. * DO NOT remove fields or field options from your tickets or ticket forms before visiting your Conditional Fields app settings. * DO plan your changes carefully. Before removing any ticket field option, or ticket field, visit your Conditional Fields app settings.

More detailed information about using the Conditional Fields app can be found here.

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App Details

  • Author: Zendesk
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
  • Version:1.5.14
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