CRM and Deals

Enhance the efficiency and visibility of the sales support process.

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CRM and Deals

Easily capture sales opportunities that happen during a support conversation. CRM and Deals app is designed specifically to work with Zendesk Support and enable you to build and manage sales pipelines. ​ Enhance the efficiency, process, and visibility of the sales support process. ​

Capture deals in a snap

​ As you’re working on a ticket and the sales opportunity shows itself, there’s no time for shuffling tabs. ​ Click the Create deal button in the Apps tab on the right side of the ticket view. Our app will auto-fill the prospect’s name and company. ​ All that’s left to you is to fill out the rest of the form. ​

Get a bird’s eye view of your deals

​ We built our app, taking into account the best practices for managing pipelines. You will never forget to send a follow-up or set up a call to nurture a lead. ​ Just by scanning through the pipeline, you will be able to understand where you’re standing with each deal. ​

Build your own sales process

​ Customize pipelines to fit your unique sales process. ​ Add as many sales stages to a pipeline and name them as you find necessary. You can also specify the probability of closing a deal for each stage. And you can specify how long deals can stay idle in each stage before they rot. ​

Gather all the necessary information

​ Add fields that will help you gain the appropriate context on the sale. The form you will use to create a deal already has a few default fields which help capture the basic information. You’re free to add as many custom fields as necessary. We recommend keeping it simple, though. ​

Get sales forecasts

​ All the videos you record are automatically saved into the library. No need to record the same thing every single time. Just attach the necessary clip from the library to any ticket. ​

Measure to improve sales

​ There are four types of reports you can use to analyze your performance. You can check the number of deals you got, how many opportunities you lost and won. And the reasons why you lose deals. ​ On top of that, you can filter reports by: ​ - Time; - Pipeline - view altogether or a specific one; - Agent - analyze the performance of all agents or a specific one. ​ Last, but not least… ​

Measure to improve sales

​ Adding deals, contracts or activities is smooth with our drag-and-drop functionality and foolproof menus. The layout of the CRM helps you get all the visibility you need. ​

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