Create and keep multilingual versions of your Zendesk Help Desk up-to-date

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization management solution that speeds up and automates localization. Crowdin helps tech companies localize their apps, websites, games, emails, blogs, Knowledge Base articles, and other content.

As a company-wide solution, Crowdin gives localization managers, developers, marketers, customer success managers, and translators a place to collaborate – share context, create tasks, generate reports. Flexible and customizable for the specific needs of every team, it will fit into any localization workflow.
With 1.5M registered users, Crowdin is trusted by companies like GitHub, GitLab, Discord, Raspberry Pi, Wrike, Kickstarter, Avast, iFixit, and many more.

Integrating Crowdin with Zendesk ensures localization of your Help Center is automated and agile:

  • Source texts from Zendesk will be uploaded to your Crowdin project automatically and become available for translators you invite to your project.
  • Ready translations arrive in your Help Center at a period you specify (every 3 hours, for example).
  • When there are changes in the source content on the Zendesk side, the source files in Crowdin are updated automatically. Your translators will get notified there’s some new content they need to work at.

Once the content between the two systems is synchronized you can hire a professional translation agency, invite your in-house translators, pre-translate texts with Machine Translation engines, or ask your community to make translations in your project.

To be able to set up the integration you’ll need Crowdin subscription for one of our Organization plans.

Ready for a multilingual Zendesk Help Center? Sign up for 14-days trial and see how smooth localization can be!

To connect Crowdin project with Zendesk Help Center follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Crowdin profile and go to the necessary project. If you don’t have a Crowdin account, sign up and create your first project.
    When you create a project in Crowdin, you will choose target languages you want to translate your content to. You can add more target languages along the way, just make sure you’ve also enabled them in your Zendesk Help Center.
  2. Open Project Settings, Integrations tab in Crowdin. Scroll down to the Zendesk Guide section.
  3. Enter the Help Center URL (for example, and click Set Up Integration.
  4. Authorize the connection with Crowdin on the Zendesk Guide side.
  5. After the successful authorization, you will be redirected back to Crowdin. Click Settings to finish the setup.
  6. Choose the time interval you want to upload translations back to Zendesk and select the categories you’d like to upload content from. Click Save.

You can leave Push translations every 1/3/6/12/24 hours box empty and use Sync Now button to launch synchronization instantly, once needed.
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