CSAT.AI for Zendesk Support

Gamify Agent Support & Predict CSAT Scores on Zendesk with Automated QA!

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CSAT.AI Scores Better Customer Service with Gamified Guidance!

CSAT.AI lets agents know when they’re on the right track by predicting CSAT scores in real time (when they’re fixable!) - because most customers don’t leave feedback, they just leave.

CSAT.AI measures if the customer’s questions were answered, how empathetic was your agent and the customer’s sentiment to predict a CSAT score without pesky surveys, all in real time. QA is modernized and the CX game is improved - no matter if your agents are at their home or your office.

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CSAT.AI automates QA, analyzing 100% of text, email and chat interactions. Without spreadsheets or manual entry, managers have comprehensive data to guide decisions - no need to even be in the same location!

CSAT.AI helps you protect your company and your people. Did a customer just threaten to sue you or abuse your agent? Now you know with real time push notifications.


CSAT.AI - QA Works quietly in the background. We ALWAYS start companies in this mode to ensure that Managers understand how things are graded and if there is an unusual product/procedure that our AI learns before you roll it out to your agents. This provides a baseline of how you’re doing before CX is implemented and managers will be able to answer any agent questions.

You’ll be contacted by a real live human once you install, because we’re a customer service company, which means we don’t just provide a product, we provide a service - with a smile!

Because it is working in the background, agents aren’t seeing the results in real time, but all the data stays the same and managers see it at the end of engagement.

Mix and match our CX/QA products based on your agent, company and training needs.

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