CT EaziPopper

CT EaziPopper

Cisco telephony integration, screen pop & click-to-dial

Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see zendesk.com/talk/pricing ).

CT EaziPopper is the result of a collaboration between Zendesk, Cisco and CT Solutions. This is an "out-of-the-box" offering that integrates Zendesk with Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD). This means that there is no special integration work or customization that needs to be done, for it to work at your site. EaziPopper means that incoming calls managed by Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) will trigger a pop of the calling customer's profile or open tickets in Zendesk.


  • Save agent time on every call
  • Boost customer service with improved handling speed.
  • Energize agents through reduction of tedious tasks.
  • Enhance reporting of ticket sources


  • Auto-create Zendesk user for callers that are unknown
  • Auto-create new Zendesk ticket, if none open for caller
  • Auto-display list of open tickets for caller
  • Auto-display the open ticket for caller, if only one open
  • Flexible options and dial plan
  • Specially designed to cope with all phone number formats
  • Report on tickets initiated by phone calls

Click here for a demo of the integration

CT EaziPopper requires professional installation, provided by CT Solutions. These notes give you an overview of the procedure, to help you with planning tasks.

Planning for installation with Cisco Agent Desktop
The following ONLY applies to EaziPopper for Cisco Agent Desktop. Other editions of EaziPopper will work differently. Any reference to "EaziPopper" below is really referring to "EaziPopper for Cisco Agent Desktop"

How it works
CT EaziPopper is triggered by incoming calls to your Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD), and it is passed the callers number (CLID/ANI) and the called number (DNIS). Depending on the caller, EaziPopper will pop the user profile or ticket, or might make a new ticket for the caller.

EaziPopper is an application that is installed on every agents PC. It receives triggers for Cisco Agent Desktop via the "Workflows" feature in Cisco Agent Desktop.

Click-to-dial option: This option adds a Zendesk App to the solution, that allows you to click within Zendesk to dial a phonecall to the ticket requester. Alternatively, you can key in a number to be dialled.

Technical & Installation Requirements There is no server installation to be done. Only CAD Admin configuration and an EXE to be installed on each agent PC. Requirements include:

  • Cisco Agent Desktop 8.0 or later. Enhanced or Premium editions. (Click-to-dial requires Premium edition)
  • Zendesk Agent Interface (not Classic)
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
  • Microsoft Windows Vista or later

LEARN MORE on the CT Solutions web site.

App Details

  • Author: CT Solutions
  • Support: Email
  • Version:2.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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