AI-powered Text Analytics for Zendesk tickets, surveys and chat sessions



Cx MOMENTS is an AI text Analytics specialist that turns open text into actionable insights.

Our Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing solution analyses text from Tickets and Live Chat sessions. It helps you discover the specific topics your customers are requesting help about, helping your organisation understand costs drivers as well as resolution and satisfaction drivers.

Our customers use these insights to optimise digital self-service, improve their back-end processes, and better train their support agents for the customer queries that are coming their way.

Also, by ranking Customer Care agents against topics and success metrics, we can also help you spot which agents need training to handle specific types of queries.

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How to setup the Zendesk connection from Cx MOMENTS.

  1. Sign in to the Cx MOMENTS application.
  2. Click on 'Datasets' in the top main menu.
  3. Open the dropdown menu on the top-right and click 'Add new dataset'.
  4. Select 'Zendesk' as a Source
  5. Click on the 'Connect to Zendesk' button if shown, otherwise skip to the next section.
  6. Log into your Zendesk account to give permission.
  7. Select the channel you want to import data from.
  8. Click 'Submit'.

If the connection is successful the data importing process should start.

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