Streamlined Agent scripts with interactive decision tree & auto-saved transcript

Imagine how awesome it would be if it was so much easier for everyone in your team to always follows your company's best practice & guidelines to perform their daily work.

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DeciZone enables confident decisions consistently by leveraging interactive decision trees. interactive decision trees, agent script, self-help navigable flowcharts are easily accessible on any connected browser by your audience as well as through integrations with CRM / ERP platforms like Zendesk.

DEMO Decision-tree - 'Which type of Life Insurance?'

See how efficiently this published flowchart is able to guide even a new team member while all the steps can be recorded in a transcript for your analysis and compliance if you wish!

A published DeciZone flowchart can be freely shared with anyone, even if they don't have a DeciZone account which makes it ideal even for self-help. Simply place this link on any website to help your audience with customized recommendations in less than 30 seconds.

Here are some resources to quickly get started:

  1. DeciZone - Quick Overview
  2. DeciZone Training 1 - Platform Review
  3. DeciZone Training 2 - Editing & Sharing Flowcharts
  4. Schedule A One-On-One DEMO of with us at your convenience.

Installing this integration app enables you to:

  1. Make it easier than ever to streamline important operational processes.
  2. Access their pre-selected list of DeciZone flowcharts right next to the Zendesk Ticket View window.
  3. Navigate effortlessly through a DeciZone flowchart while interacting with your customers on the same Ticket View window.
  4. Automatically save the complete transcript of the flowchart interaction as an internal comment update on the currently open Zendesk ticket - instead of manually typing up the whole conversation.
  5. Resume/Restart/Discard a flowchart interaction left unfinished by another team member for the currently open ticket.
  6. Access important attached documents, images, links on flowchart boxes only when they are relevant in the business logic.
  7. Eliminate unnecessary reading of the 98% of the irrelevant script logic because of the choices selected at each decision node.
  8. Reach customized recommendations in as little as 20 to 30 seconds.
  9. Enter specific details in a form input only when needed in the script logic.
  10. You can View your DeciZone flowcharts in either the default Flowchart-view OR the simpler CARD-View as per your preference.
  11. Provide critical feedback to the author of the flowchart specific to the current flowchart box. The author gets an email right away with this feedback. This feedback loop can be effectively leveraged to ensure continuous improvement of your operational processes.

DeciZone's built in browser based mobile friendly flowchart editor allows you to easily create, design and improve the business logic for your operational processes even on a mobile browser. These processes can be accessed through this integration app which allows any number of agents to effortlessly follow your process in a consistent manner inside your favorite ticketing system. Your agents will get an additional incentive to always follow your operational processes using DeciZone flowcharts because it is fun to effortlessly click through your precise logic and the whole interaction can be automatically documented in your ticketing system. : Consistent Performance & Effortless Efficiency

Enable Confident Decisions

Integrating your DeciZone account with your Zendesk account is easy!

The Admin of your Zendesk account will install this App once for integration between the DeciZone and Zendesk platforms for the whole team to use thereafter.

Please NOTE that for each person using this integration app, their Zendesk account must be using the same email address as their DeciZone account for this integration to work.

For installation, you will need decizoneOrgId, which you will get from the settings page of your account. After you provide this information, simply finish the installation process.

Once successfully installed, every time any member from your Zendesk organization opens a ticket in Zendesk, the DeciZone App will be visible in the side-panel.

When the DeciZone App loads in the Ticket View side panel, you will see the Organization Home Page which lists the flowcharts pre-selected by your DeciZone Admin.

Click on any of these flowcharts to start navigating inside that flowchart as a transaction. Each transaction through these flowcharts can be resumed, restarted, discarded or automatically documented as a transcript by updating the internal comments of your currently open ticket.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact DeciZone Support.

App Details

  • Author: DeciZone Inc.
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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