Automated Ticket Tagging, Custom Fields & Macro Suggestion for Customer Service



The DigitalGenius Human+AI™ powers 20+ contact centers at companies like KLM Airlines, Unilever, Magoosh, Careem, Joybird, Travelbird, SAXO, Coinmama, Zopa and others, where it enables Customer Service excellence with practical applications of deep learning and AI.

DigitalGenius for Support

  • Helps the Customer Service team use their time more effectively.

When a ticket is created, DigitalGenius:

  • Predicts the best Macro to be added to the incoming message and shows it to the contact center agent for approval or personalization. The approved message is sent to the customer, and the algorithm goes through continuous learning, making it stronger over time alt text
  • Predicts and auto-fills Tags, Custom Fields related to the incoming message, including fields used to Route or Triage tickets to the right Agents or Views alt text
  • Finally, any suggested Macro above a certain confidence threshold can be automated

Teams using DigitalGenius see more consistent tagging, faster and more accurate routing, a reduction of first response time, faster and more consistent responses with the improvement of macro adoption.

DigitalGenius for Chat

  • Helps the Customer Service team respond to Chats better and faster.

When a customer initiates a chat, DigitalGenius:

  • provides agents with AI- suggested responses in real time, allowing them to interact with more customers in a more efficient manner alt text
  • enables agents to easily check the contents of any suggested shortcut before sending out responses to customers alt text
  • enables agents to send the shortcut directly from the app or edit it to personalize the response alt text
  • provides AI-powered messages in the chat window and the agent can focus on other value add tasks alt text
  • continuously makes predictions and suggests shortcuts to the agent using machine learning allowing the agent to become more efficient and focus on more complex tasks alt text
  • enables agents to search in the Shortcut content so they don't have to memorize the exact title every time. alt text

The AI continuously learns from each agent interaction.

Customer using DigitalGenius to power their chat:

  • Can provide Out-Of-Hours chat support using AI-powered Shortcuts
  • See more deflection as they start enabling AI Automated Shortcuts
  • Benefit from increased communication consistency

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Support Brilliance.

Add a layer of Artificial Intelligence to your Contact Center to Empower Customer Service excellence.

The DigitalGenius Human+AI™ Customer Service Platform combines the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver on increasing customer expectations. At its core are deep-learning algorithms, which are trained on historical customer service logs and integrated directly into Zendesk Support & Zendesk Chat. Once enabled, the AI automates repetitive tasks and helps agents be more productive across text-based communication channels like email, chat, social media and mobile messaging.

Other Features

  • With Off-The-Shelf Setup, Admins can install & setup the DigitalGenius AI within the Zendesk interface without any coding required
  • By leveraging Historical Responses, when a message comes in and the agent opens the ticket, the AI automatically suggests a list of responses used by agents in the past for similar tickets, ordered by relevance
  • Admins can track the AI performance in real time using our Dashboard

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