Email Tracking

With email tracking, you’ll never have to ask that question ever again.

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Email Tracking

"Did the client open my email?"

Zendesk Email Tracking

With email tracking, you’ll never have to ask that question ever again. Besides, with these metrics at hand, you can easily see which clients are active email users and what fuels their engagement.

Email Tracking is an application for Zendesk Support that offers out-of-the-box email tracking.

The app can: - Track email opens - Get internal notes with information on when the email was opened - Automatically update the internal custom field when the client opens the email - Add ‘unseen’ and ‘seen’ tags to tickets to let you create views to identify problem tickets.

Zendesk Email Tracking Seen

Enjoy automated email tracking

Email Tracking does all the job for you! Just sit back and analyze the data. See who you should give a call to prevent any issues.

Real-time notifications

As soon as an email is opened, Email Tracking updates a custom field connected to the ticket and adds a note with corresponding information.

Analyze performance in detail

Get a better understanding of how your replies perform. See what macros work better, what types of replies users react to the most and check the overall open-rate across the company and each individual agent.

Zendesk Email Tracking GDPR CCPA

Comply with GDPR and CCPA

Click a single toggle and Email Tracking will not track opens for recipients who live in the European Union. Make sure that your email sales and support activities are GDPR compliant without having to put in any effort.

Zendesk Email Tracking GDPR CCPA

Private data security

We don’t retain any data connected to your agents and customers, except: - Your Zendesk subdomain, and its URL - Agents IDs and their authorization tokens - Agents IPs to exclude their open events - Tracked Ticket ID - Custom field IDs required for this add-on

Additional ticket organization

Simply create separate views for tickets with “seen” or “unseen” types and manage them directly from your Zendesk account. Be able to work with your customers’ information more accurately.

See full history of email opens

With Email Tracking, you are able to retain and see the whole ticket opens history. Follow the way how, when and after which reply the ticket was opened.

Stay under cover

When you log into your agent panel and start working with tickets, we automatically hide your IP address. That way, you can know for a fact that all opens are tracked correctly.

One-click install

Provide Email Tracking with the access to your Zendesk account in just one click without filling out any additional forms. We use Zendesk OAuth authorization which is the most secure way to connect.

Transparent and Flat fee

Simple and clear price with no hidden additional obligations, payments, long-term agreements or other tricks.

Go ahead and test the app! Also, feel free to rate it and share your comments.

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