Email Tracking

Track the exact time when your emails were opened, and calculate the performance of your emailing efforts.

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Zendesk Email Tracking

‘Did the customer open my email?’ - with Email Tracking, you’ll never have to ask this question again. Enjoy an out-of-the-box function to track email opens in Zendesk:

  • Know if your customers have opened the email
  • Track exactly when the ticket was read and by who - receiver, CC or Follower
  • Create automatic follow-ups and notifications each time the tickets are seen or replied to
  • Split seen and unseen tickets in separate ticket views
  • Analyze the performance of your team with in-depth reports
  • Identify the best times to reply to a customer

The functionality works even in the Agent Workspace! Use Email Tracking to decrease ticket resolution times and follow up with customers more effectively.

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Receive internal notes with precise details of each ticket open

Ticket menu with email tracking functions

Custom fields will help you sort out the seen and unseen tickets and display them in ticket views

Ticket views in email tracking

Review the performance of specific agents over different periods of time

Statistics in email tracking

Have customers from GDPR or CCPA regions? Email Tracking will help you comply with Privacy policy regulations

gdpr compliance in email tracking

The combination of ‘Best Time to Reply’ feature and Auto-notifications allows you to follow up perfectly on time

Best time to reply in email tracking

Private data security

We don’t retain any data connected to your agents and customers, except:

  • Your Zendesk subdomain, and its URL
  • Agents IDs and their authorization tokens
  • Agents IPs to exclude their open events
  • Tracked Ticket ID
  • Custom field IDs required for this add-on

Email Tracking is available both in desktop and mobile versions. Go ahead and test the app!

You are also welcome to rate it and share your personal impressions. We are sure your experience with Email Tracking will be enjoyable.

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