EnjoyHQ is a all your customer feedback and user research in one place

EnjoyHQ is a customer feedback management tool that helps product managers, product designers, and user researchers get access to multiple sources of feedback in one place. With EnjoyHQ product teams can:

  • Easily find and track issues and feature requests.
  • Visualize the sentiment of their feedback for multiple sources.
  • Discover patterns and themes in the data.
  • Collaborate on user research projects.
  • Share insights and user research learnings into project and communication apps like Slack and Trello.

This integration helps support teams gain better visibility into what customer are saying in multiple channels like email, sales, surveys. customer interviews, in-app conversations and more. Break the silos in the organisation by getting all your customer feedback in one place.

Please note: we've recently changed our name from NomNom to EnjoyHQ

Please read the following guide. You will only need a EnjoyHQ account and an API token.

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