Exotel Telephony App

Exotel Telephony App

Using this app you can manage your calls and SMSs within Zendesk tickets.


UMS' Exotel Telephony App comes with features which helps your business by improving Agent’s productivity and provides you with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) records within Zendesk for tracking, monitoring, auditing and training purposes. Comes with 15 days of free trial. Key Features: -Click to call -Call History -Click to SMS -SMS History -Incoming call popup with caller ID/ caller details -Create new tickets while on a call.

Key Benefits: -You can operate Exotel features from within Zendesk -Helps in improving Agent productivity -Call and SMS Logs within Zendesk helps in tracking, monitoring & auditing and for training purposes.

Following are the steps for installation of UMS’ Exotel Telephony App 1. Sign in to your Zendesk Support account 2. Click the Admin icon in the sidebar. 3. Select Apps > Marketplace, then find the UMS-Exotel Telephony app and click the tile. 4. On the UMS-Exotel Telephony app page, click Install app in the upper-right corner. 5. Enter the following information: -Title: Name for the application. -Name: -Company Name: -Your Contact Number:
-Exotel SID: Refer http://support.exotel.in/support/solutions/articles/3000023019-how-to-find-my-exotel-token-and-exotel-sid- to get your Exotel SID. -Exotel Token: Refer http://support.exotel.in/support/solutions/articles/3000023019-how-to-find-my-exotel-token-and-exotel-sid- to get your Exotel Token. -Exophone Number: This number would be displayed on customer's mobile phone when you make a call. Refer http://support.exotel.in/support/solutions/articles/3000010956-how-do-i-buy-a-new-exophone- to get your Exophone Number. -Exotel SMS Sender ID: Use a 6-letter Exotel approved sender ID from which your SMSes will be sent. Refer http://support.exotel.in/support/articles/82238-i-want-to-change-my-sms-sender-id-how-can-i-do-that- to get your Sender ID. 6.Refresh your page for the changes to take effect and your Exotel Telephony App is ready to use. 7.Open tickets and start using this app. 8. For incoming call popup/ creating tickets on calls refer this doc https://goo.gl/kHDnfA

App Details

  • Author: UMS Tech Labs
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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