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Created in 2006, Formstack is an online form builder that has become a leader in creating, managing, and hosting online forms. Formstack provides businesses of all types and sizes an easy-to-use form building tool to easily collect and manage data.

  • Collect payments
  • Embed forms directly onto your website
  • View all of your collected data in one easy place
  • Access specific submissions
  • Import, export, & sort data
  • Create charts and graphs
  • Use our analytics plugin to track use of your form

Formstack makes is easy to build forms for collecting data and even easier to manage that data. Start today with a 14-Day Free Trial!

Visit to start your FREE 14-Day Trial. Formstack is an internet-based software, so there is nothing to download. Everything from building forms to accessing your collected data can be done from any computer with an internet connection.

The Formstack Zendesk integration is designed to allow you to create your own custom Zendesk help ticket forms and send those tickets to your Zendesk account.

To add this integration to your form, click on Settings > 3rd Party Integrations, and click the Add button next to Zendesk.


You will then type your Zendesk subdomain, email and password, which will bring up the fields that you can map to Zendesk, including any custom fields you may have.

Image2 Image21

On your Formstack form, you will want to have fields for name, email, and probably subject and description. Fields like Status, Type, Priority, Group and Assignee can be passed to Zendesk if required, but are optional and probably not needed for most use cases. A basic suppor ticket form would look like this:


For more advanced usages of the integration, see the article here:

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  • Author: Ryan Dillman
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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