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Git-Zen is a simple yet powerful GitHub integration application for Zendesk. Git-Zen coordinates your Zendesk tickets with your GitHub commits and issues. When a Zendesk ticket arrives, and code needs to be changed to correct the issue, you can now easily see which files needed to be changed to correct the issue right next to the ticket. Git-Zen makes it easy to look at past tickets and see exactly what code was changed to correct the issue, in case further troubleshooting is needed in the future. Git-Zen can also keep your agents separate from your developers, so that you do not need to have Zendesk licenses for your development staff; simply create a new GitHub issue related to the Zendesk ticket directly from within Zendesk.

Easy to Use

To associate a GitHub commit, all you have to do is include the Zendesk ticket number in the issue description or comment of the commit, prefaced by "gz#":

this is a comment for gz#12345


See a list of related issues, files, and commits right next to the ticket. Click on a commit link to view the commit in GitHub. Create a new GitHub issue, link an existing GitHub issue, and comment on a GitHub issue right from within the Zendesk ticket.


Multiple tickets can be referenced in the same commit comment or issue. Multiple repositories can be referenced; so if a change was required to both your database schema and your web application, all of the changes will be listed together.


Enjoy the full feature set for less than $20 a month (cost is per Zendesk domain account; Git-Zen offers an unlimited number of users with each account).

Free Trial Available

Contact us at support@git-zen for more information.


Git-Zen includes the following features:

  • Reference ticket from a GitHub commit
  • View files affected by a referenced commit
  • Unlimited ticket references
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited file, commit, and issue lists
  • Create a new GitHub issue directly from Zendesk
  • Link multiple existing GitHub issues to a ticket
  • Add a comment to an existing GitHub issue
  • Customize which Git-Zen sections are viewable by your agents
  • Full product support

Git-Zen demo

for more information, please visit our website at

Git-Zen Installation and Usage

How to Install Git-Zen

  1. Install the Git-Zen app from the Zendesk marketplace
  2. Open any ticket
  3. Locate Git-Zen in the "Apps" sidebar
  4. Click "Authorize"
  5. "Allow" Zendesk access
  6. "Authorize" GitHub access
  7. Refresh entire Zendesk browser window

IMPORTANT: You MUST refresh the entire browser window that is currently running Zendesk; do not click simply click the "reload all apps" button, as this will re-start the authorization process

How to use Git-Zen

To associate a GitHub commit or issue, all you have to do is include the Zendesk ticket number in a GitHub commit comment or GitHub issue description, prefaced by "gz#"; in the below example, the Zendesk ticket number is 12345:

this is a comment for gz#12345

You may add more than one ticket number in the same commit (or issue) comment; both tickets will have the commit (or issue) added to it in Git-Zen.

gz#12345 and gz#67890 were affected by this commit

You may add commits from different repositories to the same ticket; this is especially useful when a solution to a ticket is spread across multiple projects, such as a when a change is required to both a database schema and a web application in order to solve an issue.

For more detailed installation instructions, please visit our website.

App Details

  • Author: Acenerate LLC
  • Price: $19.95 per account, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:3.3.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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