Google Sheets by Azuqua

Google Sheets by Azuqua

Automatically synchronize all of your Zendesk tickets to Google Sheets.


Synchronize all of your tickets to Google Sheets for easy reporting.

Automated ticket synchronization As new tickets are entered in your system, they are automatically updated inside the spreadsheet. Additionally, when a ticket is modified inside Zendesk, this modification will be reflected in the spreadsheet, maintaining data synchronicity between your Google Sheets report and Zendesk.

Powerful, flexible reports Leverage the native spreadsheet capabilities that Google Sheets offers to create high-value reports. Visualize your data by creating graphs, charts, and tables to help you better understand your data. Connect external sources of data to uncover valuable insights that would otherwise have remained invisible.

About Azuqua Google Sheets by Azuqua lets you experience the power of integration and automation, for free. To learn more about how automation and integration can take your processes to the next level, visit our website at Or, you can check out some of the other apps we have in the Zendesk Marketplace, such as Pipedrive by Azuqua and Calendly by Azuqua.

Installation will need to be completed by an administrator of Zendesk. Once you have installed the application, you must have a valid Zendesk account and a valid Google Sheets account to provide for authorization purposes.

You will be prompted to authorize each application before getting started with your report.

Once you have authorized to the two services, you're good to go!

App Details

  • Author: Azuqua
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version: 1.0
  • This is an app. It will install
    right into your Zendesk
    Support account.

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