Turn Zendesk tickets into actionable customer feedback for the product team.

Harvestr is a product management software that lets you manage customer feedback, prioritize features and communicate on your roadmap, all in one place.

The Zendesk / Harvestr integration allows your customer service team to easily escalate tickets containing valuable customer feedback to the product team and merge them with feedback coming from other sources (emails, CRMs, Slack...).

All your customer feedback will finally make it to the product team, who will be able to turn it into actual features faster, and decrease workload for support agents.

Support teams working in Zendesk will also get live updates about how a feedback ticket is being managed in Harvestr, making it super easy to close the feedback loop with customers and provide them with a great service experience.

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In order to use our Zendesk integration, all you need is a Zendesk Support account with administrator permissions, a Harvestr account and a Harvestr API key.

First, install the Harvestr app in Zendesk Support using a Zendesk admin account.

Then, get your Harvestr API key from your Harvestr integrations settings. Jump to the Harvestr app settings in Zendesk (Admin - Apps - Manage - Harvestr - App configuration) and enter your Harvestr API key into the corresponding token field.

Note: If you want to restrict access to your app to just administrators or just agents, click Enable Role Restrictions before installing and choose the users. When the process is complete, your app should appear as a private app in your list of installed apps on the page.

To finish the setup, go back to your Zendesk integration settings in Harvestr and you will be able to enter your Zendesk support base url and authorize Harvestr to connect to your Zendesk account.

That's it ! Your support team can now push tickets from Zendesk to Harvestr by clicking on the 'Send to Harvestr' button in the apps sidebar. You will then get live updates in Zendesk about how the ticket is managed in Harvestr.

App Details

  • Author: Valentin Berthomier
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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