iOS & Android SDKs for an in-app Knowledgebase & Live Chat

Hipmob is a fully fledged in-app FAQ, in-app feedback, and live chat platform for iOS, Android and PhoneGap apps. The Hipmob SDK syncs with your Zendesk Knowledgebase and Agent console to deliver the following benefits:

  1. Your entire FAQ (from Zendesk) is instantly available in your iOS and Android apps
  2. Your users can now search for articles inside your app, without ever having to leave.
  3. Your users will send you fewer support emails or tickets, so your agents will have more time to focus on queries that really require a human touch.
  4. You'll get analytics on what users are searching for, and how useful they are finding your articles.
  5. Notify users of new articles via push alerts

Find out how you can configure you Hipmob account to connect to Zendesk here

App Details

  • Author: Ayo Omojola
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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