Hubspot by PieSync

Hubspot by PieSync

Sync Hubspot two-way between your favorite cloud apps

PieSync offers a seamless two-way contact sync between Hubspot and Zendesk Support.

It's a true 2-way sync of contact information inside Zendesk & Hubspot. Let Zendesk be filled with Hubspot's contacts... and vice versa, push Zendesk contacts into Hubspot as new leads. There's no mess with duplicates though: PieSync's unique and different from other integrations in that it offers a true 2-way sync that syncs across historical data as well.

Your connection can be up and running in 3 minutes. Other popular connections, outside of Hubspot, include Google Contacts, Mailchimp and Office 365

With PieSync, you can choose to sync all your contacts or just a segment of them, based on Hubspot default or custom attributes, or Zendesk properties.

Try PieSync for FREE today!

Simple. Head over to to start your 14 day trial. You’ll be up and running in 3 minutes.

Check PieSync’s Zendesk help article to get you started. If you have any issues, reach out to PieSync support.

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