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The best meeting note solution for teams on Zendesk

Hugo is meeting note software for teams - making your team's meeting notes shareable and actionable across your business.

We power some of the world's leading customer-centric teams, enabling them to work better with the rest of the business. By connecting customer insights to product, engineering and marketing, the entire organization can coordinate around delivering more value, faster for their customers.

Teams on Hugo integrate their calendar, chat and productivity apps and now Zendesk directly into their meeting notes. This enables customer insights to be shared via Slack and translated into work that other teams need to deliver back to the customer – like creating Zendesk tickets, Salesforce updates or Jira issues for engineering for example. In one click, everyone in your business has access to the customer.

Now your whole company can close the gap between insight and action! Get started free today.

Getting started with Hugo is easy

  1. Click here to visit Hugo where you can sign up in one click
  2. Login with Google Suite or Office 365 and follow the instructions to create a Hugo account for your team
  3. Click your profile picture in the top right of your Hugo Inbox, select 'Settings' and 'Apps'
  4. Scroll down to the Zendesk app and click 'Enable'
  5. Hugo will ask you for your Zendesk domain and then click 'Approve' when asked for permission to access Zendesk
  6. Zendesk is now connected - you can create Zendesk tickets right from your meeting notes!

We're here to help. If you need a hand getting setup, send us an email.

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