inContact CTI

inContact CTI

Embedded inContact Agent Console Integrated with Zendesk


Please be advised there may be additional costs associated with this integration. Please contact Frontline Services for further details on their pricing. In terms of Zendesk commercials, this integration is available only to agents with 'Talk - Partner Edition' seats see

The inContact CTI app is designed to seamlessly integrate the inContact Agent Console with Zendesk. This application will increase efficiency and ease-of-use for companies who use both of these services.

As soon as an agent receives a call through inContact, the app searches the Zendesk database for the caller’s phone number or another metric (please contact us for customized searches). If a match is found it will open an existing ticket, create a new ticket, or display the user page depending on your chosen settings.


  • Support for inContact channels such as voice, chat and work items.
  • Contact transfers and conferencing to other agents, skills, or external destinations.
  • Automated Outbound dialing (Personal Connection)
  • Support for inContact’s dispositions and marquees.
  • Automatic Zendesk account search via phone number / ticket creation / user creation.
  • Custom Field Mapping can memorialize inContact contact details into ticket fields, and comments.
  • Automatic Call Log creation and access from Zendesk tickets.
  • Work Item Field Mapping - allows contact data to be memorialized in ticket fields or comments.
  • 24/7 Support, as well as ongoing maintenance and product updates.

v2.3 Updates:

  • Added support for inContact’s Email point of contact.
    • Built-in editor
    • Data memorialization of the email to a ticket comment
    • The agent can press a button that will automatically grab the ticket currently displayed.
  • Automatic Login - We’ve created a feature that will automatically log you back in if your session is still active.
    • This will prevent you from having to re-enter your user/pass if you refresh your Zendesk browser tab.
    • If you use multiple Zendesk tabs it will log you in on each tab. Please note that, depending on your setup, this may create an undesired effect of creating multiple tickets on each new call.
    • This is an optional setting in the admin settings panel. It will apply to all agents if enabled.
  • New Home Screen - We’ve replaced the old main menu with a Queue Screen.
    • The icons previously on the main menu are still available on the bottom toolbar.
    • Includes skill information, number of callers, and longest wait.
  • Agent Screen - The agent screen now refreshes automatically.
    • It also displays what status they are in and how long they have been in that status.
  • Agent Sessions - previously if an agent’s session timed out while the agent console did not have an active connection (e.g. the computer went to sleep), the agent console did not correctly reflect the current status of the agent. The agent might think they were still logged in but unable to do anything.
    • We will now return the agent to the login screen if we are ever given a related error.
  • Callbacks - previously callbacks required “Create new ticket (OB)” to be enabled. This has been resolved.

Review and accept the End User License Agreement before proceeding.

  • Download the Instruction Manual for a detailed walk-through.
  • Create an API application in inContact.
  • Install the inContact CTI App in Zendesk.
  • Enter the API application data from inContact into the app’s settings.
  • In the app click "New Customer" and complete the required setup.
  • Sign in as an agent using your inContact user credentials.

App Details

  • Author: Frontline Services Inc.
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version: 2.4.1
  • This is an app. It will install
    right into your Zendesk
    Support account.

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