Empower Support teams to influence product decisions by leveraging Zendesk data

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Intalayer helps Support agents and Support leaders use Zendesk data to unite with Product teams, so the highest priority customer issues and feature requests are resolved quickly. Interested in trying Intalayer out? Sign up for a free trial here

Link related issues and inform backlog priority Intalayer integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and Jira. Using Intalayer's machine learning algorithms, Support agents can quickly identify whether their current customer conversation in Zendesk matches tickets already in your Product team's Jira backlog. New conversations and existing tickets can be linked together, helping Support and Product see an accurate volume count of related issues and inform backlog priority.

Transfer all the data your engineers need, in seconds Support agents can save hours every week by linking or creating Jira tickets from within Zendesk. Any customer conversations, comments and attachments that your engineers need are instantly transferred to Jira and added to a linked ticket or used to automatically create a new ticket. This saves Support agents a huge amount of time copying and pasting text, downloading and re-uploading huge file attachments like session recordings and screenshots.

Advocate for customers and influence Product decisions With Intalayer, Support leaders can now advocate for customer needs with an objective, data driven approach and add value to product prioritisation meetings. Intalayer provides Support leaders with daily updates highlighting the highest priority issues for customers and your business. Recommended priorities are based on analysing all issues that Support agents link or create as a tickets in Jira against measures including Customer Impact, Volume of Related Issues, Customer Value (using data from integrated CRM tools) and Customer Strategic Value.

Product tool integrations: Intalayer currently integrates with Jira. Integrations with Trello, Asana and more coming soon.

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