Language I/O Help

Language I/O Help

Translation for Guide: high-quality, machine or human, easy-to-use

The Language I/O® Help plugin for Zendesk automates the professional human (or machine) translation of your knowledge base, incorporating translation memory, glossaries and automatic link rewriting. Specifically, Language I/O Help for Zendesk:

  1. Plugs directly into Zendesk Guide so you can automatically translate your knowledge base with a click of a button
  2. Language I/O Help allows you to select source locale and list articles
  3. Language I/O Help allows for the review of search results so you can decide what to include in the project
  4. After selecting what to include in the project, simply submit the article for translation, name your project, select target locales and specify whether the content should be automatically published

Contact for installation as we need to create an account for you on our side first.

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