Language I/O Response

Language I/O Response

Multilingual translation of support tickets in over 150 languages

Language I/O Support Ticket Translation for Zendesk


Language I/O enables English-speaking support agents to support customers in over 100 languages across all e-support channels. The Language I/O Response app for Zendesk ticket translation plugs directly into the agent’s standard ticket response form. Contact us today for a free demo!

  • Step 1: Language I/O translates the incoming customer email into the agent’s language using Machine Translation (MT) technology.

  • Step 2: If there is a problem with the initial MT, a "Retranslate" button allows the agent to request a new translation. The retranslation will be provided via a new MT engine OR rapid-human translation services, depending upon configuration.

  • Step 3: Language I/O translates the agent response back into the customer’s language using either human or MT services, depending upon configuration. The agent can now post the response!

  • Translation Services: Our Smart Translation Server is integrated with numerous different MT engines and a global network of professional linguists - not crowd sourced. This keeps costs low while making it appear to your customers that the agent is a native speaker. MT is instantaneous while a human translation is generally turned around in 30 minutes.

  • Preferred Translation Enforcement: Language I/O always enforces your preferred translations for product and market terms, even if we’re using a neural MT engine. If you wanted the term "24 Hour Deal" to always be translated into Spanish as "Oferta de 24 Horas" we can enforce that translation on top of supported neural engines.

  • Zendesk Macro Support: Language I/O allows agents to respond with English macros. We pull in the human translated version of that macro from our database and only translate the macro customizations.

  • Personal Data Encryption: Any personal data in a ticket that is sent for human translation will first be encrypted so the linguists never see it. Special tags will let the linguist know what kind of data it is so they can properly translate the text around it. The data is decrypted before it’s is pushed back into Zendesk.

  • Data Storage: Language I/O does not store any ticket content once the translation is pushed back.

  • Machine Translation Best Practices: If a customer decides to use machine-translated agent responses to the customer, Language I/O can include a disclaimer with each machine translated response to let the customer know that in the interest of responding quickly, we've machine translated the agent's response.

Contact for installation as we need to create an account for you on our side first.

App Details

  • Author: Language I/O
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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