Macro Date

Macro Date

Supercharge Due and Custom Date Fields by setting relative dates with Macros


Macro Date helps you use the full potential of Zendesk's Macro feature, Due Date and Date Fields. Create a task to reopen a ticket in 3 workdays or automatically select a date in 2 months. Macro Date can automatically select a date in the future or past with a Macro.

Key Features

  • Automate follow-up in a specific amount of days
  • Set relative dates in Macro on the Due Date and Custom Date Fields
  • Can differentiate in workflow between days and workdays
  • Option to install multiple times to support multiple fields with your own prefix

Use Cases

  • Change Due Date of Task in Zendesk
  • Warranty Dates
  • Delivery Dates
  • Maintenance Dates
  • Expiry Dates
  • ...and a lot more.

The first week is on us! After installing, your free 7-day trial will start so you can try out this application without any worries.

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Configuration of this Zendesk App is a simple process.

  1. Install the Zendesk App from the Zendesk App Marketplace. A 7-day free trial is included to try out this Zendesk App.
  2. Set your Prefix for your tag. In our examples, we use due as an example for the Due Date field but this can be delivery for an example if you want to set the delivery date in a Custom Date Field.
  3. Set your Field ID of the Ticket Field which needs to be set by Macro Date. For the Due Date you need to fill in due_at for any other Custom Date Field you can lookup the Field ID in your Ticket Fields overview under Admin > Manage > Ticket Fields.
  4. Select the days which are your business days. This will allow Macro Date to select a relative date based on your business days and for example skip the weekend.
  5. Now you are ready to work with your Macro Date settings in your Macro. If you create a Macro you select 'Add Tags' and add a Macro Date tag. Follow the instructions in the next section to compose your Macro Date tag.

How to create a Macro Date Tag

Macro Date has support for a number of different tags. First you start your Macro Date Tag with the Prefix you have set in Step 2 of the configuration instructions. In this example we will use due as our Prefix.

The second part of the tag will either have plus or minus depending if you would like select a date in the future or in the past. In this example we will go for plus in this example so we can select a date in the future.

The last part will tell Macro Date to actually select a relative date. For an example 1d will select a date in 1 day, 1wd will select a date in 1 workday, 1w will select a date in 1 week, 1m will select a date in 1 month and 1y will select a date in 1 year.


  • due_plus_1w will select a date in one week
  • warranty_minus_1d will select yesterday
  • delivery_plus_1wd will select the next business day
  • maintenance_plus_1m will select the date next month
  • expire_plus_1y will select the date in one year

Example Automation with Due Date and Macro Date

Automations are supercharged with Macro Date. Think about a Task ticket in Zendesk where you want to follow up on, if the Due Date has been reached. With Macro Date you can quickly select a relative date right from the Macro. Using Zendesk's Automation you can automatically move a Task ticket back to your View. If you apply the Macro Date Tag for your Due Date in your Macro also set your Ticket Status to 'On-Hold'.

Create an Automation with the following Conditions: - Ticket: Status > Is > On-Hold - Ticket: Hours until due date > (business) Is > 0 (zero)

Set the following Actions in your Automation: - Ticket: Status > Open - Ticket: Priority > High

Now apply the Macro with your Macro Date Tag to your ticket and wait till the Due Date is reached. Your ticket will reappear right in your list with Open Tickets so your agents don't have to keep a close watch if this ticket is been followed up on the right time.

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App Details

  • Author: pluscloud
  • Price: Free 7-day trial, then $1.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.2
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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