AI-powered translation for your help center.

Providing localized help center content is key to attracting and retaining your international customers. What’s more, it can improve support ticket deflection. The Memsource Connector for Zendesk makes the translation of your help center more efficient and streamlined. New content can be automatically imported into Memsource for translation the moment it is added to your help center and once translated is pushed back into Zendesk and added as a new published multilingual page.


  • Simple set up from a Memsource account
  • New content is exported into Memsource as it is published
  • Take advantage of our AI-powered technology
  • Centralize lists of terms and other translation data to maintain consistency

Supported content:

  • Articles
  • Categories
  • Dynamic Content
  • Sections
  • Sign up for the free trial of Memsource Ultimate Edition.
  • Set up the help center languages in your Zendesk account. Go to Settings > Account > Localization
  • Log into your Memsource account and navigate to Setup > Integrations > Connectors
  • Click New and choose the Zendesk connector
  • The following information is required to set up the Zendesk connector:
    • Name (This can be anything)
    • Type (Zendesk)
    • Host prefix (the https:// and parts of the URL are automatically inserted by Memsource, only the prefix needs to be prefilled - e.g. mysupportsite for
  • Click Connect to Zendesk to complete the set up.

Learn more about setting up Automated Project Creation (APC) in Memsource. See the Help Center for more information about our integrations.

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