MonkeyLearn Ticket Tagging

MonkeyLearn Ticket Tagging

Automatically tag tickets with machine learning.

MonkeyLearn will automatically tag incoming tickets in Zendesk using Machine Learning. This integration will predict the value of a given field based on the subject and description of a ticket.


  • Save time by automatically tagging new incoming tickets using AI.

  • Ensure consistent tagging criteria without errors.

  • Make your support team more efficient.

How it Works

MonkeyLearn Ticket Tagging will tag and populate ticket fields based on the analysis of the selected machine learning models such as topic, sentiment, intent, keywords or any custom analysis. You can choose the level of confidence with which to tag tickets.


Click the Install button and follow the wizard, you will need a MonkeyLearn account.

Click the install button and follow the wizard.

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App Details

  • Author: MonkeyLearn
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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