Leverage your Zendesk data to manage Customer Success with Natero


Natero helps SaaS businesses place actionable insights directly in the hands of Customer Success teams. Natero's combination of predictive analytics and business rules enable Customer Success Managers to increase customer retention and identify accounts that are ripe for expansion.

The Natero and Zendesk integration allows Customer Success Managers to view, analyze, and track support tickets related to their accounts. Natero leverages this data to generate customer health scores and trigger alerts that enable organizations to manage Customer Success proactively.

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To enable Zendesk integration, Natero will need the following credentials for your account:

  • Account email
  • Zendesk domain (https://{subdomain}
  • API token (visit Settings > Channels > API, enable Token access and click "add new token")

For detailed instructions, please contact

If you are not a Natero customer, please visit or call +1 650-727-0770 to request a free demo.

App Details

  • Author: Natero
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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