NICE inContact Frontline Agent Console

NICE inContact Frontline Agent Console

Embedded inContact Agent Console Integrated with Zendesk


Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see

The NICE inContact CTI Console for Zendesk is designed to seamlessly embed the NICE inContact Agent interface within Zendesk. How it works: (Video) NICE inContact Agent Console for Zendesk

As soon as an agent receives a call through inContact, the app searches the Zendesk database for the caller’s phone number or another metric (please contact us for customized searches). If a match is found it will open an existing ticket, create a new ticket, or display the user page depending on the settings you choose.


  • Support for NICE inContact channels such as voice, chat, email, voicemail, and work items.
  • Transfer and conference contacts to other agents, skills, or external destinations.
  • Automated Outbound dialing (Personal Connection)
  • Support for inContact’s dispositions and marquees.
  • Automatic Zendesk account search via phone number / ticket creation / user creation.
  • Custom Field Mapping can memorialize inContact contact details into ticket fields, and comments.
  • Automatic Call Log creation and access from Zendesk tickets.
  • 24/7 Support, as well as ongoing maintenance and product updates.

IMPORTANT: Frontline Services will help you set up and install the inContact CTI Console at no charge. Please contact us or call ​1-800-417-6542.

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