Focus and motivate your support team with live TV dashboards from Octoboard!

Octoboard is an easy-to-use tool for building live business performance dashboards to display on screens around your office and on desktop monitors. Octoboard displays your key business data in easy-to-understand reports that can be generated automatically and shared with your Support and DevOps team.

Octoboard will collect data and will keep updating metrics for all of your internal teams. It integrates directly with your Zendesk account and visualizes current customer satisfaction score, ticket and call volumes, response times and other metrics.

Zendesk data can be combined with over 50 applications - from Web Analytics to Finance, Sales and Online Marketing data.

The goal is to have a clear and up-to-date view of all key performance metrics and being able to monitor and spot trends in your business data.

Octoboard key features:

  • Easy-to-setup, always up-to-date dashboards with Zendesk metrics
  • Automatic report generation and distribution for DevOps teams
  • Ability to combine any Zendesk KPIs with data from over 50 + applications
  • Over 120 pre-defined templates for dashboards and reports covering all areas of your business
  • Create new data visualisations and share them with teams - online or on screens
  • Create dashboard TV loops to display any number of data sources
  • Support user roles in the organisation - assign data access for different teams

Octoboard is a cloud based application. It does not require installation. Simply visit Octoboard.com and try it free for 30 days.

To setup Zendesk integration in Octoboard follow these steps:

  • Press ADD METRIC button to open the Connection Wizard
  • In the Connection Wizard locate Zendesk and click NEXT
  • Select any Zendesk metrics you want to add and click NEXT
  • Connect to Zendesk using your usual login details and click NEXT - this will place selected metrics on a dashboard or report.

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