Integration with Office@Hand phone system


Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see ).

The Office@Hand Cloud App for Zendesk provides seamless integration between Zendesk and your Office@Hand services to enable improved customer retention, greater agent productivity, and advanced business processes.

It offers these features:

Complete cloud-based app

  • Use your browser on any platform (Windows®, Mac®); no software installation is needed.
  • Make or receive calls through the Office@Hand phone system, directly from your account within Zendesk.

Increased call efficiency

  • With simple click-to-dial from within Zendesk, you can spend more time servicing clients and less time dialing.
  • Save time by eliminating misdials.

Enhanced customer interaction

  • Incoming callers are instantly matched to existing client records, which are automatically displayed.
  • Tickets are created automatically when a call arrives.

Getting Started

  1. Sign in as an administrator to your Zendesk, then click the Admin icon in the navigation bar.
  2. Under Apps, select Marketplace, then find the Office@Hand app and click the tile.
  3. On the Office@Hand app page, click Install in the upper-right corner. You will be presented with a web page.
  4. The ensuing page requires you to fill in a URL. The URL should point to your Zendesk domain.
  5. Click Continue. The app installs to your Zendesk account.
  6. Refresh your Zendesk login session. The Office@Hand app icon shows at the top right hand corner.
  7. Click the Office@Hand app icon. The Office@Hand login screen opens.
  8. Enter your Office@Hand Account and your Office@Hand password.

App Details

  • Author: Office@Hand
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:2.0.2
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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