Olark live chat

Olark live chat

Talk to your customers! Win their hearts and drive sales with Olark live chat.

Ever wonder what your website visitors are doing right now? Olark live chat shows you up to the second updates on who is browsing your website, from where, and what they are doing. Catch customers the moment they are confused and before they abandon your shopping carts. Win their hearts and drive more sales by helping customers the moment they have a question.

Olark live chat works seamlessly with Zendesk! Olark will record all live chat transcripts in Zendesk so all your customer interactions are in one place. And you'll look like a customer service superhero when chatting with customers because Olark automatically shows you their last Zendesk tickets so you can solve their problem faster.

Get the most bang for the chat. With new Targeted Chat from Olark, you can focus your attention on the customers you want. Make rules to show or hide Olark live chat where and when it counts, label interesting customers, and automatically start chats with engaged customers.

Try it free at Olark.com. Paid plans start as low as $17 / month.

Go to https://www.olark.com and create an account for FREE. Installing Olark is a matter of copy and pasting a snippet into your website, just like Google Analytics. Then fire up your chat client and start talking to customers.

To enable the Zendesk integration for Olark, once logged into your Olark account, navigate to the "Integrations" tab and click on the icon for "Zendesk" and follow the rest of the steps below. You can find the full tutorial here.

  1. Enter your Zendesk credentials on Olark's Integration page
  2. It's not required, but Olark recommends you enable their pre-chat survey so you can collect people's name and e-mail address. This makes contacting them in the future much easier.
  3. Then you just have a conversation with your visitors like normal. They see the regular Olark experience
  4. Now you have two new tools at your disposal: !tag to tag the conversation with conversation information you want to remember later and !lead to put the conversation in to Zendesk (you can also set it up so all conversations go in to Zendesk automatically).
  5. Then when you surf over to Zendesk, you can see the full text of the conversation you just had, along with information about the visitor. On the sidebar you can even see we've created a profile for the visitor so you can easily access past conversations you've had with them.

How to add Olark to your Help Center

  1. Log into your newly enabled Help Center and click on the "Customize Design" in the tool bar in the lower right. Step 1
  2. Under "Theme", click on the "Edit HTML" link to bring up the code editor. Step 2
  3. In the theme page, select the "Footer" template from the available HTML templates. This will allow for you to edit the direct code for the footer on every page. Step 3
  4. After the closing tag, add in your custom Javascript provided by Olark. You can click on the "Preview" button to see the change in a draft mode of your Help Center page. Click on the green ""Save"" button to save you edits. Step 4
  5. After you click the "Save" button, you will be taken back to the editor. Click on the green "Publish changes" button to finalize the change and publish to all visitors of your new Help Center!"

App Details

  • Author: Olark
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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