Out of Office

Out of Office

Keep track of, prepare for, and handle out of office agents and their tickets



Keep track of, prepare for, and handle out of office agents and their Zendesk Support tickets.


This app will allow Admins to manage their Agents' vacation statuses, as well as allowing individual Agents to manage their own vacation statuses, and reassigning assigned tickets to their parent group if updated during the vacation.

There is also an option to unassign all open tickets currently assigned to an Agent, when setting the Agent on vacation, to the parent group.


  1. Setting an Agent to unavailable will add the user to the trigger so updates to their tickets unassign said tickets.
  2. Setting the Agent back to available removes them from the trigger
  3. Admins can view availability of all Agents with edit privileges to their availability from all locations
  4. Agents can set themselves available or unavailable on their user profile
  5. Agents and Admins can view a ticket's assigned Agent's current out of office status from both the new ticket sidebar and ticket sidebar locations
  6. (Optional) When setting an Agent as unavailable from the nav bar location, the Admin can unassign all currently open tickets assigned to that Agent back to the parent group
  7. Existing Tickets updated by the Requester while Assignee is unavailable resets the Assignee field back to it's parent group and (notifies Requester)
  8. New Tickets can never be created with an Assignee that is unavailable
  9. Existing Tickets can be updated by other agents while Assignee is marked as unavailable with a warning
  10. New or Existing Tickets can be assigned to a group on creation/update without an Assignee as normal
  11. New or Existing Tickets can be assigned to an Assignee on creation/update (Barring role level custom permissions) as normal
  12. Existing tickets not currently assigned to an unavailable Agent can not be assigned to them while they're unavailable, unless the intended Assignee is the current user even if current user is unavailable

Automatic Actions on Installation

  1. When the app is created a user field "Agent Out?" is created as well as two system triggers
  2. These all work together in the background in conjunction with the Out of Office app. The user field adds/removes a tag "agent_ooo" to tickets in the background based on whether or not the user field is checked/unchecked
  3. The user field is checked/unchecked by toggling an agent's availability between available & unavailable


There are three settings in the app which are configured with default values that you can modify as needed depending on your workflow. The settings are the following:

  1. "Confirm status change?"
    • This determines if a modal will be shown when changing an agent's status. Default: true
  2. "Force unassign tickets?"
    • Automatically unassign Open tickets when an agent is set to unavailable. Default: false
  3. "Prevent assignment?"
    • Have the app block updates that assign a ticket to an unavailable agent. Default: true


  1. Modifying the system triggers which are created can break the app

Known Issues / Limitations

  1. Currently agent's are able to assign a ticket to a group with only one Agent in its membership even if the sole Agent in that group is unavailable because currently we aren't checking for this. We will fix this in a future version
  2. "Error: Unable to get list of agents." will display for users in this role
  3. Intermittently when marking an agent as OOO and un-assigning all open tickets only some of the tickets will actually get unassigned
  4. When a ticket assigned to an OOO agent gets updated the ticket gets assigned back to the parent group with a null Assignee value - the trigger working in the background during this action does not currently send an email notification to the agents in the group notifying them this happened
  5. The app will not prevent assigning tickets unless the ticket is updated individually through the Zendesk interface. Triggers, the Mail API, and REST API, and bulk editing will all be able to bypass the assignment restrictions

App Details

  • Author: Zendesk Labs
  • Support: Not supported
  • Version: v2.6.3
  • This is an app. It will install
    right into your Zendesk
    Support account.

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