Picky Assist

Picky Assist

Connect Your Android Phone as Gateway & Convert WhatsApp, SMS & Call As Tickets.

Enhance customer support experience through WhatsApp, SMS & Missed Calls using your existing android phone and number as Zendesk Channel

Picky Assist Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies allows you to connect your existing Android Phone & Support Number as a Channel to Zendesk Support to provide single unified number for WhatsApp, SMS & Call Support.

You need to install our bridge app in your android phone and once your phone is connected you can convert all incoming whatsapp, sms & call into tickets and reply the tickets right from the Zendesk Support.

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All other features of Zendesk Support as per your plan will work intact. You can auto-assign tickets to agents, run macros, create triggers and all features just like how you use Zendesk Support.

Unique Features

Offline Support : Our Unique feature allows users who don’t have internet and smartphones to reach your support desk through SMS & Missed Call.

AI Answer Bot : Don't overload agents with tickets which are in repetitive nature, lets artificial intelligence powered answer bot handles frequently asked questions 24 x 7 without any agents. Convert the conversation into tickets only if bot unable to answer a question or user prefer to get answers from a human.

Easy Integration : One-click installation with Zendesk Support as Channel using Picky Assist Channel App for Zendesk

No Approvals : No approvals from WhatsApp, Get started with the Zendesk in 5 Minutes

Use WhatsApp Web : Almost all automation platforms don't allow to use WhatsApp Web parallelly, but with Picky Assist, you can use the WhatsApp Web always.


  • Android Phone 5 (Lollipop) or above
  • WhatsApp Business / Personal App
  • Picky Bridge App Installed in Phone
  • For SMS & Call SIM Card (optional)
  • Zendesk Team or above account
  • Picky Assist Channel App for Zendesk

For More Details & Create A Free Account https://pickyassist.com/whatsapp-channel-for-zendesk

App Install Instructions

Before you begin installation, please make sure you have an Unlimited Picky Assist Account with Zendesk Channel Enabled as an Ad-On Service.

Install Picky Asssit for Zendesk Support

After Installing the Picky Assist App from Zendesk Marketplace , you need to configure the Channel

Go to Zendesk Admin Panel (Gear Icon) -> Channels -> Channel Integrations

You can find 2 tabs, click on Accounts Tab and you will find “Add Account” a popup will appear on screen , please login with your picky assist account and it will ask to select the project in which Zendesk Ad-On is activated.

Now the Channel integration is completed

To test the integration, please send a WhatsApp to your support WhatsApp number from any other phone and see whether you can see the update in the ticket, when you reply to a ticket please make sure you select the correct channel

App Details

  • Author: PickyAssist
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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