Pipedrive by Azuqua

Pipedrive by Azuqua

Automatically escalate tickets created by your most valuable Pipedrive customers


Never let a high-touch customer’s issues or concerns go unnoticed. Pipedrive by Azuqua allows your support team immediately know they are working with a ticket from a high-touch customer, automatically escalates the ticket, and alerts the customer relationship manager.

Flag tickets from your high-value customers Whenever a ticket comes in from a customer associated with an organization, Pipedrive by Azuqua will check the total deal value of that organization in Pipedrive. Automatically escalate any tickets that come in from organizations that have a high deal value. Every organization is unique, so set a custom minimum deal value that will trigger escalation.

Escalate, your way Pipedrive by Azuqua lets you pick the escalation action that works for you. Add tags to your ticket to flag the customer as high value and/or set the ticket priority. By automating escalation of every new ticket based on Pipedrive deal value, never miss an issue logged by a major customer.

Synch back to Pipedrive Create a new task on an organization in Pipedrive whenever there is a new ticket, and assign it to the customer relationship manager. Utilize Pipedrive's notification system to let CRMs know that a support ticket has been logged by a customer from a high-value organization.

Organization Info at a Glance Immediately see Pipedrive organization info surfaced in Zendesk. On each ticket, Pipedrive by Azuqua will display the Pipedrive organization name, organization owner, primary contact, and total deal value.

Installation will need to be completed by an administrator in Zendesk. You will also need an API key from Pipedrive.

  1. In the Zendesk App Marketplace, find Pipedrive by Azuqua. Click the "Install" button.

  2. You will be taken to a settings page. On the settings page, enter your Pipedrive API key.

  3. After you have authenticated Pipedrive, open the "Pipedrive by Azuqua" app in the Ticket sidebar.

  4. Set your escalation rule. To set the rule, choose a minimum organization value that will trigger escalation. This will trigger the rule whenever a ticket is logged by a member of an organization that has a total deal value greater than or equal to the value declared in your rule.

  5. Select your escalation steps. You can choose to set the priority of the ticket to a certain level, add tags to the ticket, and/or create a task in Pipedrive with the information of the ticket. If you choose to create a Pipedrive task, then a task will automatically be created on the organization containing the Zendesk ticket information then assigned to the Pipedrive organization owner.

App Details

  • Author: Azuqua
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version: 1.0
  • This is an app. It will install
    right into your Zendesk
    Support account.

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