Proactive Campaigns

Follow-up targeted customer lists in bulk to address customer issues proactively and decrease ticket resolution time.

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Are you looking for an email marketing automation tool for Zendesk? Are you tired of manually typing the emails out for every client you have in Zendesk? You will never have to do this again if you install Proactive Campaigns!

  • Follow up with huge numbers of customers at a time
  • Select and target the perfect audience
  • Automatically pick up and organize every customer response as a Zendesk ticket
  • Schedule email campaigns to deal with more tasks in less time
  • Create catchy emails with rich text editor

Proactive Campaigns facilitates the workflows for companies of any type and size. Don’t hesitate and let the plugin facilitate yours, too!

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Choose criteria and create targeted user/ticket lists OR import a file with your audience

You can separate the contacts or tickets by standard fields, custom fields, and tags. In case you have a compiled CSV file with contacts, you can import it to Zendesk as well. Choose your approach to target the needed audience.

*The lists can be shared between support agents or kept for their creator only.

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Pick up every customers’ response and assign them to right people automatically

Once you’ve launched the campaign, Proactive Campaigns will start creating a ticket corresponding to each email. Similarly, every response will be collected and added to the correct ticket.

Also, you can choose the ticket’s status (Open, Pending, Solved) and assignee beforehands - pick a group, specific agent, or brand to assign the future tickets to.

Create email templates with any formatting

Proactive Campaigns Email editor enables you to create emails in a few ways:

  • Write an email from scratch and use the formatting elements or add attachments to make them stand out
  • Select from a standard email template or create your own
  • Import a macro text from your Zendesk instance

Choose any to speed up the email marketing even more!

Send outbound mass emails within a few clicks

Here’s how to create a personalized email campaign step-by-step:

  • Step 1. Name the campaign and write down the Tags to add to future tickets. Choose if you want to share the campaign with other agents
  • Step 2. Determine the Target Audience - a User List, a Ticket List, or Import a CSV file
  • Step 3. Compose an email yourself, or select a Macro to fill in the email body with.
  • Step 4. Schedule the campaign, indicate ticket assignees, and pick the future ticket status. Create campaign in Proactive Campaigns

Follow up your support team in a blink of an eye

Informing your teams proactively is important as well. Just check the necessary box while creating a campaign, and the app will create tickets with Internal Notes to inform your agents solely.

Go ahead and test the app! You are also welcome to rate it and share your personal impressions. We are sure your experience with Proactive Campaigns will be enjoyable.

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