Promptar integrates Zendesk with your Phone System.

Promptar matches your callers with Zendesk Users and Agents, delivering best-in-class screen-pops with associated Ticket information.


  • Integrate Zendesk with your existing phone system.
  • Build screen-pop Templates with any combination of Ticket, User or Organization fields, standard or custom.
  • Add simple actions to the screen-pops like quick navigation to Tickets or Users.
  • Configure rules to trigger different screen-pop Templates under different conditions.
  • Answer, hold/resume, transfer and hangup calls from your desktop, with a click.
  • Click-to-call support from within the Ticket interface to quickly dial the Ticket requester or any Collaborator.

Checkout the Promptar/Zendesk Quick Tour video for an overview of these capabilities and more.


  • Promptar supports a growing number of phone systems: on premises and cloud-based. See supported Phone Systems to confirm that your existing system will work.
  • Promptar supports integration with more than one application at a time, combining both Zendesk and a CRM with your phone system. See supported Applications for more.
  • For full control and privacy, run Promptar server on a Linux or Windows sytem, on your premises or private-cloud.
  • Run Promptar clients on Windows or Mac.

Promptar uses the Zendesk REST API and does not require Zendesk Talk Agents.

Promptar is a distributed, loosely coupled integration product, with the following key components:

  • Promptar Server: tracks phone activity, collects application data, delivers it to users, handles user call-control requests and more.
  • Phone System Connectors: integrate phone system specific technology with Promptar Server.
  • Application Connectors: provide application specific data to Promptar Server.
  • Desktop Clients: lightweight desktop interface for users.

For full control and privacy, Promptar Server and its connectors run on your premises/private-cloud on a Linux or Windows system. The Desktop Clients run on Windows or Mac, with TLS encrypted connections to the server.

Supporting a wide variety of applications and phone systems, the Promptar installation process is comprised of different steps, depending on the target environment. Checkout the Promptar Server Setup Guide for more information.

Windows and Mac clients are distributed in packages supported by each platform's standard software deployment tools to ease the install process accross large user bases.

Contact us to know more and request a 30-day trial, which we will happily help you setup.

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