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Do you know that up to 90% of visitors simply leave websites? The Pulsar connection button allows you to raise the conversion rate on your website by 125%, thanks to a unique callback technology that returns a call in 27 seconds. No more busy lines! Different dialing scenarios allow you to connect the first free agent with a customer and close the deal. In your personal account you can see an analysis of calls, the work of your operators and listen to conversations. The widget offers various choices for your website visitors to connect with you via a phone call, a call at convenient time, ticket creation or chat communication via Facebook messenger. Synchronization these connections with Zendesk automatically and create new tickets for requests from your clients sent through the Pulsar (Email Us) widget and allow your agents to answer them directly from your personal cabinet in Zendesk. This integration allows you to improve the response speed and the quality of service for your customers.

  1. Install application from Zendesk Apps Directory. It will set up all necessary settings and create a new channel for your account.
  2. Register and sign in you account on Pulsarcallback.com
  3. Create new widget, fill all necessary fields. On the last step you can see widget code, pay attention to line "pulsar_code=<number>". Number is your widget ID, remember it.
  4. Place widget on your website.
  5. In your Zendesk Support account navigate to Admin > Channels > Integration > Pulsar app.
  6. Click on Account tab, then Add account
  7. In popup enter Account name (any name) and your widget id. Save settings.

Thats all. Now, when somebody on your website open widget and write message in "Email tab" his message will be automaticaly sent in your Zendesk account as new ticket.

More detailed instruction your can find on https://pulsarcallback.com/help/

App Details

  • Author: Pulsar
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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