QR Form Field Prefill

QR Form Field Prefill

Automatically fill in Zendesk Guide webforms by scanning QR codes or clicking on pregenerated links.

This QR Code app allows you to generate QR Codes and links for your Help Center. When a customer clicks on the link, or scans the printed QR Code they will be automatically redirected to your Help Center.

With the custom sidebar app you can even generate codes that prefill form fields so that important fields in your forms are prefilled with the correct information.

You can fill in serial numbers in IT support forms, customer account numbers for your clients, device IDs when logging issues for defect hardware,...

See the full use case example on https://premiumplus.io/qr

This application requires Zendesk Guide Professional.

This application contains 2 pieces of software.

1. Autofill on your Help Center.

After installation you'll need to copy a little bit of code to your Help Center to activate the autofill on the Help Center. We show the complete setup guide for this in the left sidebar of your Zendesk instance.

2. QR Code generator

You can create QR codes via a custom sidebar app that appears in the sidebar of every ticket you open in Zendesk.


Once you create a QR code you can save the image and print it or email the link to your clients.

For more information see https://premiumplus.io/qr

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