Direct integration of Redmine issues into your Zendesk tickets


RedminePro helps you integrate your helpdesk with your Redmine issue tracking in a clear and direct way. It is the full integration that is missing. RedminePro allows you to to:

  • Create a new issue and attach it to a ticket.
  • Search for existing issues and view details.
  • Attach found issues to a ticket.
  • Always see at a glance which issues are attached to a ticket.
  • Add comment to an existing issue from Zendesk.
  • Fill in Redmine custom fields for the ticket.
  • Assign an issue to a user directly.
  • Attach files to the ticket

Creating a new ticket based on customer input is easy as RedminePro will automatically complete details from the latest comment, which can always be edited of course. The project in Redmine can also be chosen automatically if you have a custom ticket field using the same values as the projects in Redmine.

Please visit this page to see all of the requirements and recommendations for installing RedminePro before subscribing!

Please note that you are required to install a plugin into your Redmine instance in order for this app to work. Please see the plugin (freely available here) to see what is involved. It is a simple installation, but requires server access.

In addition, your Redmine service needs to be accessible via SSL (i.e. using https). This is a requirement based on the fact that RedminePro uses the Zendesk proxy to access your instance to retrieve information and add tickets. In addition, the certificate should have a valid signing chain and should not be a self-signed certificate. You will also need to ensure that the API is enabled in the Administration pages.

Contact us at if you would like to obtain a coupon to try RedminePro one month for free.

Be sure that the user you use for the main API key is an administrative user to ensure that all data can be retrieved. We recommend creating a separate user for the Zendesk interactions.

Latest Changes:

  • New — Add ability to attach files from tickets or elsewhere to a new or existing issue.
  • Fix — Removed the zendesk_domain preference, since this is now retreived from the context.
  • Fix — Handle too large content more gracefully.
  • Fix — Improve the display of the attached issues.

See the entire version history here.

RedminePro App Installation

In order for this app to function properly, you'll need to ensure that certain steps are completed. unfortunately, this page was too short to post all the information you need.

Please visit our installation page on our website to see what is required for a proper installation.

Questions and issues should be reported to our Zendesk, but please review and follow the instructions on the page linked to above first.

SmallCubed, Inc.

App Details

  • Author: SmallCubed Inc
  • Price: $30.00 per account, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0.5
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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