Set reminders to popup messages and get emails at specified times


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Get reminders for anything on any ticket

The Reminders app allows agents to set customized reminder messages for themselves and other team members at specified times.

Creating a reminder in Zendesk:

Gif of a reminder being created

Agents can define as many reminders as they need for each ticket.

Reminders will work on tickets in ANY state, including 'closed'. This solves the use case where you want to get back to a customer about something in say, 6 months time, but you don't want to keep their ticket open for that long because it would muddy your views and reporting. With Reminders, you can have your cake and eat it too! Mark the ticket as solved, and get the reminder in 6 months anyway.

When a reminder hits, a popup notification will appear at the top right of the screen for all agents listed as part of the reminder. A brandable email will also be sent that contains the reminder message and a link back to the ticket.

Receiving a reminder:

Gif of a reminder being received

In addition to the notifications, agents can use the side-bar interface to keep track of future reminders, which ones have passed and which reminders they've marked as completed.

The ability for agents to mark each reminder as completed (even before the reminder takes place) gives agents full control over everything they need to remember ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks.

Keeping track of reminders:

Gif of reminders being tracked


  • Set an unlimited number of reminders on any ticket.
  • Agents can include other team members in each reminder they create.
  • Reminders work on tickets regardless of the ticket 'state' (including closed!).
  • Get popup notifications and emails when reminders hit.
  • Check reminders off like checklist items.
  • Keep track of reminders using the sidebar interface with lists of, 'upcoming', 'recent' and 'completed' reminders.

Built by SweetHawk. 14 day free trial included. Free for sandbox accounts.

Installation is super simple! As a Zendesk administrator, open the app in the left-hand bar and follow the prompts to enable it.

For information on how to use the app, see our knowledge base article and video here.

To activate your 14 day free trial, install the app and enter your payment information. We won't charge your card until the end of your trial. If you don't have a credit card, use the coupon code NOCC which will give you until the end your trial to arrange alternate payment with us.

App Details

  • Author: SweetHawk
  • Price: Free 14-day trial, then $2.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:3.2
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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