Cross-Channel Data, Personalization and Predictions


The Sailthru Zendesk app is Sailthru’s official integration for Zendesk. The app is designed to provide valuable and actionable data from Sailthru to support agents when working with customers. The app synchronizes certain profile data in both directions between Sailthru and Zendesk. This allows support agents to interact with customers’ Sailthru profiles, while also allowing marketers to act on their statuses in Zendesk.

The app has the following features:

  • In-ticket user list membership and opt-out status management.

  • In-ticket Sailthru data on customer behavior (e.g. engagement, last open, signup time).

  • Profile data sync between Sailthru and Zendesk, with support for changing customer email addresses from within Zendesk (syncing the new email to Sailthru while leaving the rest of the user profile intact).

  • Set customers’ health to inform your Sailthru marketing strategy through a profile var.

Additionally, clients with Sailthru's Prediction Manager will have access to the following features:

  • Customer Value Scale: A representation of their Prediction Manager segment based on predictions of 30-day pageviews (for publishers) or 365-day revenue (for ecommerce).

  • High Value Customer Tagging: The Sailthru app will automatically tag high value customers based on Customer Value Score with a sailthru_highvalue label in Zendesk.

To get started contact your Customer Success representative or Support to receive API Application keys for our Zendesk application.

The support team will configure you application keys to allow access to our Zendesk Application. For security reasons we ask that you do not use your main account API keys.

Install the Sailthru app into your Zendesk environment. Once installed click on Manage and then the Sailthru app from your Zendesk environment. Select the app configuration link and add your API Key and Secret.

Below the API key and secret fields you will see an additional form field for customer type.

Ecommerce customers: Type ecommerce In the customer type field

Publisher Customers: Type publisher in the customer type field.

This will configure the application to display the customer value scale differently. For ecommerce customers we will generate a scale based on predicted revenue and for publisher customers we will generate a scale based on predicted page views.

Enable list management by support agents.

This setting will enable the admin to configure if end users can remove a customer from a Sailthru marketing list.

Service URI This setting can be ignored unless otherwise instructed by Sailthru to change. It is useful for support purposes.

Syncing of users* Your CSM will also implement a process for ongoing management of user syncing during setup. For this step we’ll work with you to authorize your Zendesk application to sync users to Sailthru.

The sync will enable new tickets created in Zendesk to update Sailthru user profile vars with ticket information.

To sync Sailthru user information back to Sailthru create a smart list called zendesk-sync-smart which is built from users with a var of zendesk_sync=true

Once the user sync is in place you will be able to sync a user from Zendesk to Sailthru by checking the 'Sync to Sailthru' check box field from your user fields.

Once installed successfully the app will display a Sailthru user profile for the Person or Ticket Creator.

App Details

  • Author: Nick Gundry
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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