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Reduce tickets, tackle churn, simplify root cause analysis with AI-ticket tags

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We know that as the volume of customer support conversations grows, it can be hard to stay responsive to your customer’s pain points.

That’s why we built SentiSum.

We want you to be able to understand reasons for contact at a granular level, regardless of scale. And to be able to prioritise customer-centric change across your organisation.

Here’s how we help you reduce support ticket volume:

Truly understand reasons for contact in real-time

  • Automated, real-time tagging of customer contact.
  • Granular insight from all your customer contact channels, in one place.
  • Log in daily to review ticket drivers.
  • Answer the questions that other department leaders have in minutes.

In time for insight to be actionable

  • Timely trend and anomaly detection. Like real-time alerts on trending topics, and automatic tickets made for social comments that need your attention.
  • View topics trends over any time frame.
  • Conduct root cause analysis with ease.
  • Automatically route and prioritise tickets.

As an organisation

  • Get suggestions on which changes will most impact customer sentiment. So you can back up roadmap prioritisation with hard data.
  • Our CX reporting allows collaboration to flourish. Provide changemakers with a daily email digest and dashboard access, so they see customer issues their team can solve.
  • Remove time-consuming manual work by automating ticket tagging and analytics.

Reach out to us here for a product demo and learn about our free trial.

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