Delightfully easy to use NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT surveys for Zendesk


Setup your fun, one-click CSAT or NPS survey in less than 10 minutes

Simplesat makes it easy for you to capture customer feedback directly through Zendesk ticket email notifications.

Choose between NPS or CSAT as a metric to track. CSAT surveys support 2, 3, 4, and 5-scale ratings.

Measure and improve your customer satisfaction

Simplesat makes it easy to track incoming customer feedback gathered through Zendesk. Spot problem areas, identify bright spots, and improve your customer experience!

Instantly publish positive client feedback as testimonials

Increase website conversions by providing social proof through positive testimonials. Publish feedback with one click and watch it instantly show up on your website.

  • Create a Simplesat account

  • Create a new Zendesk survey

  • Customize your survey, then copy the embed code.

  • In Zendesk find the trigger or automation sent to customers when a ticket is solved

  • Paste the survey code to the bottom of the notification content

  • Test out a few tickets to make sure everything is working, and you're done!

See the full Simplesat / Zendesk documentation

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