SLA Management

SLA Management

Define multiple SLA event types, multiple SLA's, and multiple Business Hours


A proactive Service Level Agreements (SLA) capability that informs the agent when ticket events have to be completed by, as well as driving escalation and non-conformance reporting.

Note: This capability is a commercial CloudSET Module extension for Zendesk, by Coherence Design. It includes a CloudSET Private App, only available via the CloudSET Framework, an install once CloudSET Framework Registration Public App.

CloudSET's SLA Management Module takes a proactive, operational reporting reporting approach, as well supporting historical performance reporting. A key feature is the CloudSET SLA Assistant App, which displays the calculated future date and time that an SLA event should happen by. This information can also be used in a view to help prioritize ticket handling to help you keep within your SLA commitments.

A further contribution to the proactive approach is to forewarn the agent, or others, that a ticket is getting close to breaching. Further indicators such as green for met and pink for violations, as well the SLA and Business Hours specification applied, and active state, all combine to provide a clear contextual indicator of SLA performance, at a per ticket level.

Optionally you can also elect to Stop-the-Clock on pending and solve; this can be relevant where the requester slows up the resolution. When the ticket reopens, the SLA is recalculated, discounted by the time the ticket was paused and/or in the solved state.

Note: The calculation and execution of future SLA event times is achieved by a complex external timer web service provided by CloudSET. This works in conjunction with a set of Zendesk triggers, as well as Zendesk targets and API.

2 configuration tools are provided to enable common changes to SLA specifications:

Business Hours Configuration Tool- used to set the working week times, including the ability to set different start/end times for each day of the week and exclude holiday periods.

SLA Specification Configuration Tool- cover setting-up multiple SLA specifications, typically a matrix of priority by SLA events. The priorities can be the standard Zendesk set or Custom Priority (additional CloudSET App).

External, historical level, reporting like the GoodData integration, is supported by the use of violation tags to record the events that exceeded their target times.

Note: Set-up is consultancy led by Coherence Design (, your SLA specification is translated into a configured solution, including trigger set-up to meet your specific requirements.

The following guidelines are provided to help you decide and proceed with implementing this extension capability:

  1. Contact Coherence Design at to discuss your SLA Requirements.
  2. Coherence Design will contact you to discuss your context and needs, with a view to providing you a priced proposal to implement and support your specific solution.
  3. If you don't already have the CloudSET Framework by Coherence Design, this has to be installed first to create a CloudSET Account. This can be obtained, as a Public App, from the Zendesk Marketplace within Zendesk administration section.
  4. Coherence Design will commence a project to implement your SLA Management solution, typically initially in your Zendesk sandbox for testing and acceptance, before copying across into your production Zendesk.
  5. Ongoing extended support can also be arranged, although based on the solution hand-over, detailed documentation, and configuration tools, the solution can be readily expanded by yourself for most common cases.

Note: If you already have the CloudSET Framework installed, you'll be able to use the Coherence Design CloudSET Purchase Tab to buy the CloudSET SLA Management Module Subscription Service and supporting implementation consultancy. To explore more detailed information - Doc links, next to each capability, are also available within the CloudSET Framework.

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