Two-way integration between Dynamics 365 and Zendesk customer and ticket data

Integrate Zendesk and Dynamics 365 Sales using a combination of bulk and scheduled processes to keep your CRM and helpdesk data in sync. Decide which components of each system should be synced with the other using the provided integration maps. The integration includes processes that will sync up the following records:

  • Zendesk Organizations to D365 Sales Accounts
  • Zendesk Users to D365 Sales Contacts
  • Zendesk Tickets to D365 Sales Cases

The solution includes a set of minor customizations to both 365 Sales and Zendesk. The customizations allow the unique ID from each system to be stored in the other one in order to ensure that data isn’t duplicated or missed when integrating the two systems together.
For every integration, a Bulk version and a Change version of the map exists. The set of bulk maps are intended for an initial sync of data from Zendesk to D365 Sales. Once that is complete, the change maps are designed to be scheduled as an ongoing process to keep the two systems synced up.
Any of the mappings can be changed or configured once the integrations are imported into SmartConnect, so additional fields can be included or even new maps can be added to fit specific needs.

Prerequisites to using these templates are as follows:

  • Have a valid D365 Sales and Zendesk instance/organization
  • SmartConnect or higher installed and registered
  • D365 Sales Connector already configured within SmartConnect

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Sign up for SmartConnect. If you already have a SmartConnect subscription you can skip to Step 2.

Step 2

Follow these detailed instructions to complete installation.

App Details

  • Author: eOne Solutions
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
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