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SpiraTeam provides a powerful and elegant platform for developers, testers, project managers, and end users to collaborate, and create.

With easy to use logging, tracking, and reporting tools, SpiraTeam is the perfect tool to manage every aspect of application delivery. Combining issue tracking, testing, and product management in a single platform.

Integrating SpiraTeam with Zendesk is a straightforward way to help customers faster and smarter. This application lets Zendesk agents:

  • log a bug from a ticket directly into SpiraTeam
  • assign the bug to one of the development team
  • see and review any SpiraTeam bug already linked to existing Zendesk tickets
  • never leave the familiar Zendesk interface.

SpiraTeam's Zendesk app focuses agents on the essential information - required fields are grouped together, but optional fields are just a click away. Any attachments stored with the ticket will also be sent to SpiraTeam as links, so developers can see exactly what the agents see.

For more information visit: SpiraTeam's website

To get Zendesk and SpiraTeam talking together, you need to install this application from the Zendesk Marketplace. Zendesk needs a few pieces of information about your SpiraTeam setup and vice versa. After that, opening a ticket in Zendesk will automaticlaly link the two applications.

For more detailed installation information and usage guidelines please refer to our Help Desk Integration Guide. Below is a quick run through of the required steps.

Quick Installation Checklist

  • Use SpiraTeam, SpiraTest, or SpiraPlan version 5+ and Zendesk
  • If SpiraTeam is self-hosted, make sure it can be accessed from outside of your intranet
  • Have administrator access to both SpiraTeam and Zendesk for the initial installation
  • Create a new administrator in SpiraTeam (called something like "Zendesk")
  • Turn on the RSS Token for the new administrator in SpiraTeam (this is also used as the API-key)
  • Enter your Zendesk domain in SpiraTeam (Administration > System > Security Settings > Allowed Domains)
  • Install the SpiraTeam app from the Zendesk marketplace
  • Configure the SpiraTeam app in Zendesk:

    • subdomain: your publicly accessible SpiraTeam url
    • username: the name of the new SpiraTeam user you created
    • api-key: the rss token of the new SpiraTeam administrator account
  • Go to a Zendesk ticket page and open the apps pane to get Zendesk to link itself to Spirateam

  • Enable Zendesk in each relevant SpiraTeam project

App Details

  • Author: Inflectra
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version: 1.0
  • This is an app. It will install
    right into your Zendesk
    Support account.

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