Split ‘n’ Close

Split ‘n’ Close

Split and Close Tickets


Split ‘n’ Close — let's you split a ticket off into a new one, when the content has become a separate issue. In addition, it allows you to explicitly close a ticket, with an explanation of why. A last feature is that it shows you quite clearly when an attached file is too big and is not being displayed and lets you download the original email with a single click.

Split ticket

  1. Create a new ticket based on the contents of the current one
  2. Automatically fills in from last comment, though you can edit
  3. Allows you to indicate text and drop-down custom ticket fields to include
  4. Creates a note on both the old and new tickets to easily refer back and forth
  5. Can optionally add tag(s) to the new ticket
  6. Indicate the group/agent to which the new ticket should be assigned
  7. Add comment (public or private) to the parent ticket
  8. Append all the CCs from the parent ticket to the child ticket
  9. Use the same form as the parent ticket, if there is one.
  10. Define a default form (in settings) to always use for new tickets.

Close ticket

  1. Add a comment as to why the ticket is being closed
  2. Quick action
  3. Allow administrator to disable this feature

Notify for large email attachments

  1. See clearly when a ticket has a file attachment that is too large
  2. Single click to download the original email with the file to your desktop

Latest Changes: (version 2.0.9)

Since Version 2, Split’N‘Close is now a paid application at $3/agent/month

  • Fix – Fixes failure when an attachment was added without an Assignee.
  • Fix – Adds CORS compatibility for the attachment uploads.

Latest Changes: (version 2.0.8)

  • Fix – Change the group search to use the group id instead of the name.

Latest Changes: (version 2.0.7)

  • Fix – Fixes issue where Groups with spaces in the name would not be found.

Latest Changes: (version 2.0.6)

  • New – Assignee field is no longer in the custom fields, but is above as a main field.
  • Fix - Handles errors better from when users in groups can not be accessed.
  • Fix - Change the agent fetch to work for restricted users.
  • Fix - Make the Assignee loading more efficient.
  • Fix – Add french translation for the default form ID setting.
  • Fix - Fix issue where clicking on the assignee in a menu would not select it.
  • Change – Temporarily removed the Comment History feature, since it was broken, sorry.

Latest Changes: (version 2.0.5)

  • Fix – Fixed issue where Zendesks without access to forms could no longer use Split’N‘Close.

Latest Changes: (version 2.0.4)

  • New – Add default for form selection for split tickets.
  • New – Add the ability to select the type of historical comments to add to the split off ticket.
  • Fix – Adjust some very small display items.
  • Fix – Change group retrieval to get only assignable groups

Changes with version 2.x

  • New — Added setting for whether closing with required fields is allowed.
  • New — Adds additional Split button at the bottom of the split ticket section.
  • New — Changed the agent assignee field to be a dropdown search field.
  • New — When the split comment, parent comment or close comment is private show it’s background using private yellow.
  • New — Update the custom fields when the form changes, though only when the Split form is closed.
  • New — Allow suppression (at the administration level) of the callout in newly split tickets.
  • New — Allow suppression (at the administration level) of distinguishing callout text from closed tickets.
  • Fix – Fixes issue where closing a ticket while there were incomplete required fields was allowed.

See the entire version history here.

Split ‘n’ Close App Installation

In order for this app to function properly, you'll need to ensure that the following steps are completed.

You'll need to fill in the app settings with values for the domain of your Zendesk app and optionally a list of custom ticket field IDs for fields that should be displayed in the split ticket form and finally (also optionally) a list of tags to be added to the new ticket. You will find full descriptions for all settings below.

  1. Custom Field Ids — if you have custom fields in Zendesk that you use to add information to the ticket, these can be added to the split. Field ids should be separated by commas.
  2. Split Tags — if you would like one or more tags added to the new ticket, add the list here with each tag separated by a comma.
  3. Show Group/Agent Assignee Field? — should the Group/Agent Assignee field appear for the child ticket. If checked, you can select the group or agent to which the ticket is assigned.
  4. Enable Close Ticket Feature? — allows an administrator to suppress the Close Ticket feature of the plugin, if you do not want to allow your users to perform this functionality.
  5. Add CCs to child ticket as default? — should the checkbox to add the CC list to the child ticket be on as the default?
  6. Default Type value in Split — split tickets will default to use this as the Type. Valid values are 'question', 'incident', 'problem' & 'task', others will be ignored. An empty or invalid value will use the same Type as the original ticket.
  7. Default Priority value in Split — split tickets will default to use this as the Priority. Valid values are 'low', 'normal', 'high' & 'urgent', others will be ignored. An empty or invalid value will use the same Priority as the original ticket.
  8. Should the first comment of split tickets be public? — Should the checkbox to make the comment on the new ticket be on as the default? This is only valid if you have turned on “Allow first comment on tickets to be private” in the Tickets section of the Settings. Otherwise the comments are always public.
  9. Suppress the callout text in newly split tickets? – Should split tickets suppress the text on new messages indicating from where the new ticket was split, such as “This ticket was split from #…”?
  10. Indicate when a ticket was split from a closed ticket? – Should the callout text on new tickets indicate that the original ticket was closed?
  11. Allow closing of a ticket despite required fields not being completed? — Should an agent be allowed to close a ticket even if all required fields are not completed?

Questions and issues should be reported to our Zendesk.

SmallCubed, Inc.

App Details

  • Author: SmallCubed Inc.
  • Price: Free 30-day trial, then $3.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:2.0.9
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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